Pathological- Part 2



Grave Emotional Disorders

Your Fleabag Pastiche Bleached Sad


PATHOLOGICAL: Irene Honora- dance, Rachael Ahn Harbert- dance, Marianne Brass- dance, Matt Kiroff- micro-tonal electric piano/synth/voice/installations (mannequin/bed of nails/plexi-glass paintings/county fair video/spinning turntable), Stephen Frollo- clarinet/sax, Rick Kodramaz- bass, Jenna Barvitski- viola, Michael Billings- flutes, Stephanie Oyuela- fabric art (primary colored soft lamp, womb room with yarn, womb pillows and sound art), Miguel Rivera, tv video monitor (lips) and sound art in video room, Rowan Leek- mutant violin, Cynthia Penter- flat screen videos and documentation of performance, Scott Alan Evans- magnetic tape and planet art, Scott Pickering- paintings. FUGUE STATE: Irene Honora- dance, Rachael Ahn Harbert- dance, Christine Lewis- performance art (white clothed woman), Matt Kiroff- melodica, Stephan Haluska- harp, Michael Billings- flutes, Molly Jones- flute/sax, Jake Shadik- sax, Jenna Barvitski- viola, Jack Smiley- sax. DISPOSSESSED: Irene Honora- dance, Molly Jones sax/flute, Dan Wenninger- hulusi/sax, Stephan haluska- harp, Erica Snowden- cello, Matt Kiroff- micro-tonal electric piano/installation (color field fence, hole, mannequin). GRAVE EMOTIONAL DISORDERS: Rachael Ahn Harbert- dance, Marianne Brass- dance, Erica Snowden- cello, Stephan Haluska- harp, James Cornish- trumpet, Molly Jones- flute/sax, Matt Kiroff- micro-tonal electric piano/voice. YOUR FLEABAG PASTICHE BLEACHED SAD: Rachael Ahn Harbert- dance, Lisa Rose Lamarre Wilmot- dance, Marianne Brass-dance, Matt Kiroff- micro-tonal electric piano/voice/installation (50 pounds of dirt, vacuum cleaner), Adam Sarata- guitar, John Raleeh- trombone, Anthony Poretti- drums.

All works are collaborative. The people with whom I have collaborated share equally in the credit for each work created.